What are the Benefits of Ballroom Dance?


allroom dancing is that perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation, and it can bring so much to your life. It’s a great workout; has documented physical and mental health benefits; can enhance your social life and self-confidence; reduces stress and depression; promotes relaxation; is a wonderful outlet for self-expression and creativity; and it’s FUN!! With all these reasons to start dancing – we challenge you to find a good reason NOT to.


Fun and enjoyable

Dancing can be fun and enjoyable when because of the social interaction, it usually involves. Whether you are doing line dancing, partners dancing or just club dancing the music and swing of the experience is usually an extremely enjoyable experience.

Improves Your Outlook on Life

Dancing can improve the way you feel and your outlook on life. It will get you out of the house and into the company of other people. Listening to music and becoming involved with dancing will make you feel more alive with will greatly improve your outlook on life.

Make Friends

Dancing, especially at a club will help you make new friends. Even taking a dance class can help you meet new people. The more friends you have, the more activities you will be involved with in general, which can lead to overall well-being,

Make you feel sexy

Dancing, will make you feel sexy. Whether you are doing couples dancing, line dancing or any other type of dancing, it will make you feel better about your body. When you start losing weight and toning your muscles, you will begin feeling sexier.

Reduces Isolation

Many older people suffer from isolation, and don’t get involved in any outside activities. By joining a dance class for seniors, you can meet other people, possibly find a dance partner, and get involved with some social activities through dancing.

Improves Sense of Well-Being

Since dancing is a social activity, it can improve your overall sense of well-being. You are not isolated with this form of exercise. You may be in a dance class or at a dance club or social dance. Wherever it is, there are likely to be other people involves. Having a social connection with other people, is a very healthy thing to be involved in. It helps improve your confidence and reduces tension.


Reduces Stress

Stress is something we all encounter on a regular basis, and dancing is a great way to reduce stress. It allows you to move to a steady rhythm and focus on staying in step so that you can forget about day to day problems for a period of time. Dancing with a partner or a group, helps reduce stress, because you are interacting with other people.

Helps with Weight Loss

If you are overweight, dancing is a good way to lose weight. It provides a low-impact way to raise your heart rate for a period of time and increase your metabolism at the same time. This allows your body to burn more calories and reduce weight. If you dance frequently, it will help your body burn calories even while you are not dancing. It simply will increase the amount of calories your body burns on an ongoing basis.

Healthy Heart

Exercise in general is good for your heart. A recent report suggests that dancing regularly, can lower the risk of heart disease. Not only does dancing help keep your heart healthy, it is fun as well. A 10-year study in the UK showed that people who with medium intensity had a lower risk of heart problems. The study showed dancers had a slightly lower risk of cardiac disease than those who walked for exercise.

Improves Sleep Habits

Frequent dancing can help people sleep much better and much more soundly. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the night, regular dancing will alleviate this problem. Just as with any exercise program you use, your sleep will be much better. This includes dancing. You will feel better and fall asleep much easier.

Improves Respiratory System

When you dance or do exercising, your respiratory system gets a large amount of fresh air, because you are breathing heavier, as your heart rate increases. This allows your body to get rid of toxic gases and other toxins. Breathing deeply, as during dancing or exercise, we strengthen the diaphragm. By taking deep breaths you flood your body with fresh oxygen rich blood, that goes to all areas of your body, keeping them functioning well.

Improves Dexterity

You will find that after you have been dancing regularly for a while, your overall dexterity will improve. You will be able to move your fingers, hands, wrists, arms and legs much easier and with more grace. By using you muscles more, and in a specific way, that doing things involving hands and other parts of your body will become a lot easier.

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